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Pet Memorial Stones
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Memorial Stones

Memorial Stones are becoming very popular. The use of natural stones is a very "green" method of honoring your loved ones. Many times I get feedback that people didn't even know that these beautifully engraved stones were even an options. People will often use natural stone memorials to place in their garden at home so that they have the memory of their loved ones near to them. I also find that more and more people are using these stone markers for those who are cremated. Because they are natural stone they tend to be much more affordable than traditional granite markers. While some choose to have an engraved memorial stone in addition to the granite headstone in the cemetery, others will use these markers as the sole tribute to their loved one. Stone engraving is a very old form of art and has been used to memorialize people for many centuries.

When looking to purchase a memorial stone, one should always be concerned with quality. Make sure that the stone is deeply engraved and not simply scratched into the surface. Also, if a paint backfill is desired for contrast make sure that the paint being used is a stone paint and intended for the outdoors. The industry standard is Lithochrome. You will also want to inquire about the stone being used. A dense stone is best as it will hold up much better in the elements. And finally, look through many examples. Not only to help determine what you like but also to find a company that pays close attention to detail and design. A good design is one that uses the entire memorial stones surface.

By Craig Smith Google