Pet Memorial Stones

Pet Memorial Stones
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Memorial Stones

Memorial Stones are becoming very popular. The use of natural stones is a very "green" method of honoring your loved ones. Many times I get feedback that people didn't even know that these beautifully engraved stones were even an options. People will often use natural stone memorials to place in their garden at home so that they have the memory of their loved ones near to them. I also find that more and more people are using these stone markers for those who are cremated. Because they are natural stone they tend to be much more affordable than traditional granite markers. While some choose to have an engraved memorial stone in addition to the granite headstone in the cemetery, others will use these markers as the sole tribute to their loved one. Stone engraving is a very old form of art and has been used to memorialize people for many centuries.

When looking to purchase a memorial stone, one should always be concerned with quality. Make sure that the stone is deeply engraved and not simply scratched into the surface. Also, if a paint backfill is desired for contrast make sure that the paint being used is a stone paint and intended for the outdoors. The industry standard is Lithochrome. You will also want to inquire about the stone being used. A dense stone is best as it will hold up much better in the elements. And finally, look through many examples. Not only to help determine what you like but also to find a company that pays close attention to detail and design. A good design is one that uses the entire memorial stones surface.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Custom Engraved Memorial Stones

Memorial Stones provide an excellent way to honor your loved ones memory. These engraved stones keep your loved ones memory close to your home and to your heart. Often people like to have a natural stone memorial for the home or garden in addition to the traditional headstone in the cemetery. Stone engraving provides a quality Memorial that will last many many decades. Memorial Stones like the one pictured above are completely custom. We were able to take a photo provided by a family member and convert it into a graphic image that we engraved onto the stone. We take great care at each and every step of the engraving process to ensure that every memorial stone is deeply engraved and of the highest quality to honor your loved one. This particular stone has been placed in a memorial garden at the families home.

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Memorial Stones for our Fallen Soliers

Stone Creations Northwest honors and respects the sacrifice our service members make when serving our country. As a disabled veteran owned business, nothing hits home more than learning of a fallen soldier. This Memorial Stone was created to honor the life of PFC Andrew J. Keller.

Memorial stones are a classic way to cherish loved ones who are no longer with you.  Many people find memorial stones something they can keep within their own home or garden, in addition to traditional headstones, to remember loved ones.

Memorial stones offer many options for memorializing your loved one. Whether large or small, and on almost any budget, Custom Engraved Memorial Stones from Stone Creations Northwest create a lasting tribute to your closest friend, family, or coworker. For more information on engraved stones and Memorials, visit our website at here.

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pet Memorial Stones honor your pets faithful friendship

Pet Loss is a difficult but inevitabel part of being a pet owner. We love our pets as members of our family. I have been a pet owner for most of my life and have had to say goodbye to my faithful friends. Memorializing a pet with custom Pet Memorial Stones is an excellent way to honor the life of our beloved pet companions. Although pet loss is a difficult time, Pet Memorial Stones provide a means to keep your pets memory near and dear to your heart. Engraved stones last the test of time to ensure a long lasting Pet Memorial for you and your pet. Each engraved stone is carefully selected, designed, and engraved with your personalized information.  If you or a loved one has had a pet pass away, honor their life with an engraved Pet Memorial Stone from Stone Creations Northwest.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pet Memorial Stones

Pet Memorial Stones

Pet memorial stones provide families with a great opportunity to honor your beloved pet companies. Our pets are members of the family give years of loyalty and faithful companionship. It's no wonder then that when they pass their is such a void felt by pet owners. While pet memorial stones cannot replace your pet they do allow their memory to be with you and your family always. They are perfect for that special place in the garden, on your porch or deck, and even in the home. Natural stone engraving offers a lasting pet memorial for decades. All pet memorial stones can be customized with hundreds of graphic options, multiple text options, and two stone choices. Add your own text and your beloved pet's memorial is personalized to your pet and your family. Please visit our website today at and begin creating your stone today!

Friday, March 15, 2013

It's never too late to create a Pet Memorial

Custom Pet Memorial
Engraved Pet Memorial
When is it appropriate to create a Pet Memorial? Some people want one right away while others need time to grieve. The amount of time varies for everyone but the important thing is that it's right for you. I have had people call me the same day they've lost their beloved pet companion to order a Pet Memorial while other wait years. In fact, I have done Pet Memorial Stones for pets lost 15-20 years prior. My point is that whether you've recently lost a pet, or it been years, it's never too late to honor their life with a lasting Pet Memorial. With hundreds of pet graphics to choose from and 7 different fonts there are thousands of combinations available to make your pet memorial stone unique to your pet. We deeply engrave our stones and take great care at each and every step of the stone engraving process. We take great pride in the consistant response from our customers that our Pet Memorials exceed their expectations.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Beautifully Engraved Stones

Engraved Stones are an excellent way to share a message or create a memory for a lifetime! At Stone Creations Northwest we pride ourselves in working with our customers to create lasting pieces of artwork that are personal to them and the one's they love. Whether it's a fun Personalized Garden Stone or a Pet Memorial for a lost pet companion, we take great care at each and every step of the engraving process and pay close attention to detail to ensure your project is just how you want it. Our Pet Memorial Stones are one of our most popular products! They make great gifts for those who have lost a pet and are perfect for holding the memory of your special loved one.